Computer / Digital

Systems: MAC and PC platforms (navigation and system maintenance) 

Graphic applications: Adobe Creative Suite, social media applications


Systems: measure point perspective systems, visualization & drawing from life, figure drawing, sourcebook

Media applications: charcoal, graphite, color pencils, pastels, oil pastels, pen and ink

2-D Design

Systems: the design process, creative problem solving, elements of art structure, principles of arrangement

Media applications: technical pen, cut & paste, acrylic paint, watercolor, and basic computer applications


Photographic: photo-etching, photo-lithography, photo silkscreen, photogravure

Intaglio: xerox transfer etching, drypoint, hard ground etching, soft ground etching

Lithography: stone and plate litho, litho-sketch

Relief: woodcut, linocut, collographic printing

Monoprinting: monotype, xerox transfer, stamping

Papermaking: casting, sheet production

Other: editioning, curation of prints


Additive processes: welding (tig, mig and arc welding), oxy-acetylene, brazing, wood construction, plaster, ceramic and wax build-up, glass construction

Subtractive processes: carving – wood, stone, cement, plaster and clay

Manipulation: metal bending, plastics, clay and wax modeling

Substitution: metal casting (lost wax, stryofoam, sand casting), paper casting, plastic molding, slip casting, plaster casting


Styles: documentary, still-life, fashion, copy work

Printing: black & white, color, dye transfer, non-silver processes

Technical: zone system photography, digital photography, studio lighting, densitometry and sensitometry, photographic chemistry

Formats: 35mm, medium format, large format, digital photography

Television Production

Field training: field camera operation, field lighting, outreach studio

Studio training: linear editing, studio lighting, sound board operation, engineering board

operation, character generator operation

*Certified television producer with Soundview Community Media, Inc., Bridgeport, CT

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