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kaz mccue

As an artist, I assume the role of storyteller. I became an artist because I was interested in expressing my ideas through a visual language and it is my interest in the communicative value of the arts that has sustained me. For me, the creative process is an opportunity for me to study culture and to talk about those things that are important to me.

Throughout my career I have maintained an interdisciplinary attitude towards my work and have utilized a variety of media to relate my stories. This approach allows me use a diverse and eclectic vocabulary in the creation of work that explores the intellectual and aesthetic potential of objects and images. The ultimate goal of my creative activity is to reflect on the world around me and to divulge my connection to my own environment.

I am fascinated by the relationship between emotion and intellect and enjoy combining and recombining recognizable materials and images into new and unexpected relationships. Playing with the association between the visual and intellectual aspects of cultural materials stimulates ideas, memories and concepts within my own mind. When I create images or objects or spaces or actions, it is as if I am creating a story based of the meanings, values, and aesthetics of the elements in play. I use materials in this manner because they can relate insights into our culture or society that cannot be expressed through verbal or written languages.

The creative process allows me to bring my personality into the commentaries that I create and helps to make the work more personal. Through the materials and images, I exercise a sense of curiosity and create stories that are designed to illustrate my own reflections of time and place. In this manner, I can narrate, satirize, question, and comment on aspects of my own physical and psychological environment. By manipulating contents and contexts, I make each piece an abstraction of things we know, see, and understand as a society and tell of our contemporary culture through my own search for meaning.

In terms of photography, specifically, my main focus is the act of making images that appeal to my sense of storytelling. From putting myself into surroundings that appeal to my sense of belonging to developing compositions that appeal to my understanding of photographic presentation, I am concerned with the emotional interpretation of the photographic information. While I am still using my storytelling abilities with photography, the stories are different than when I work with objects because the photograph in itself can be considered a cultural object.

With my three-dimensional instalations and objects, the story is still the central premise of the work but the elements are gathered, manipulated and presented in a different way. In this manner of working, I can play with relationships and meanings in a way so as to construct my stories from divergent perspectives. Essentially, I create visual scenarios that invite viewers to bring their own imaginations and experiences to the work. Some of the meanings exist on the surface of the work but some are buried deep, and it is up to the viewer ot take from each story what they will.

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