Students begin this project by selecting an image with an interesting composition. They investigate that composition with some preliminary compositional studies. Students are challenged to try a number of approachesin looking at the original composition. From the original image, students create a grid and then enlarge the image by hand to a size where the smallest dimension is 20" or larger. Students must maintain the proportions of the original image and can use the enlarged grid to lay out there compositions.
Before selecting the media to be use for the creation of the final design, students create an enlarged line study of the composition using rapidograph pen. Students must transfer the image by hand from the enlarged grid in preparation for the line drawing.
The last stage of the project is to render the enlarged compositional study in a medium of the student's choice. At this point, the student is to take color into consideration and must render the image so as to show off the color / value schemes from the original image.

In the image to the left, you can see how the student picked up on the advancing and receding colors of the original image. The detail shows the cut and paste techniques employed and the combination of color construction paper and tissue paper.