Against Tradition: Trends in Contemporary Printmaking is a group exhibition which seeks to investigate contemporary printmakers’ interest in the potential of printmaking to engage in a broader dialogue within the visual arts. Working against traditional forms and techniques, today’s print artists are more concerned with experimentation, mixed media combinations and new technologies rather than the explicit continuity of the tradition of the medium. Printmaking offers seemingly endless flexibility in the creation of new and exciting visual applications and it has established itself as a medium for artists seeking greater freedom of expression. The exhibition features a variety of approaches to the medium of printmaking including new and experimentative techniques, the incorporation of new technologies, contemporary approaches to presentation and installation, and dynamic variations on the artist’s book. Against Tradition, curated by gallery director Kaz McCue, includes the work of thirty artists from across the United States, Canada and Europe.

Linda Carreira

Scott Frish

Claudia Sbrissa

Installation View

Karen Hanmer

Hanne Niederhausen

Keith McIntyre

Donna Ruff

Elizabeth Dove

Patricia Villalobos-Echeverria

Roberly Bell

Brian Haberman

John Hitchcock

Aaron Wilson

Jill Parisi

Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord

Jesica Gondek

Adriane Herman

Betsy Dollar

Barbara Pagh

Debra Fisher